The Second Coming

Well the world clearly didn’t end in 2012 as predicted my the incredulous masses, as I am still here to write this post. Now I have been away for a while I know, and as such my content uploading has been pretty much zero, of which i apologise. However, I have been away researching, exploring and finding new and wonderful facts to share and disseminate to all of you. And so, after a very long break, and a lot of research and getting back into the swing of scientific endeavours and fact finding, I am going to be posting once again.

However, today is not the day for a full post, as I am working tirelessly on a quick project as I write, but a full post will be up by next week most definitely. However, to entertain my blog until then, and to bring a bit of scientific fun and excitement I am going to share this video with you. It’s a song outlining the Theory of Evolution by natural selection. It’s very catchy and brilliantly educational for all ages I think. Enjoy.




The Shadow of Religion

To me, an atheist or antitheist, religion is a blanket. This blanket isn’t just a comforter for those who are scared of the world, but as a blanket to hide real evidence, facts and to bury logic, reasoning and advancement. This is in contrast to science.

Science is, as that great man Carl Sagan said, ‘more than a body of knowledge, it’s a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe… If we are not able to ask skeptical questions, to be skeptical of those in authority, then we’re up for grabs.’ Sadly Carl is no longer with us, but his message that we must be skeptical lives on. Without a skeptical mind skeptically assessing things, we will never advance. And this is what religion does, it is the locked door on skepticism.

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Children of the Cosmos

In many T.V. guides and in almost all girls weekly magazines there is always a section to do with horoscopes. What baffles me, is that people still believe that we are in some way connected in a spiritual way to the stars. The absurd things people grapple onto. What i find disheartening about these columns in magazines, is that it doesn’t reveal the true wonder of a stars connection to us. These horoscopes impose some extraordinary consequences of being born in a certain month, and being ruled under a certain star. The sad fallacy of it is, the star-signs that are used, have actually shifted from their original creation.

Star signs were generated by seeing which constellation the sun passed through on the day of your birth. However, since these first star signs were invented, the earth has shifted a bit, the moon has rocked a bit further out, and the stars are all slightly shifting to. So actually, the star sign you think you are is not correct, as the constellation has moved in the night sky. But the problem with star signs is that firstly they hold no real truth, and secondly, they do not show the real profound nature of our connection to the stars.

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Don’t Touch That

Throughout life we are told what to do, and what not to do, even on tiny trivial things. One of the main things we are told as children, and also more subtly in adulthood is, ‘do not touch things.’ Every parent, teacher or general authoritative adult (who isn’t) has told a child not to touch something. That something could be the cooker, the fire or a prickly plant. And there is good reason to say, ‘do not touch these things,’ as they will hurt, which every child finds out, as they touch it anyway.¬†However, what if i told you, you have never touched anything in your life, would you believe me? Well the answer should be ‘Yes, I do believe you.’

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Creation Science?

It was drawn to my attention again, that in America there is a backlash against atheism and¬†the theory of evolution.* However, this is not happening in the lecture halls, on tv, on the radio or in the streets, but in the heart of American education, the schools. Some children’s parents and other religious people are forcing schools to teach “creation science.” Firstly, adding science doesn’t make it an actual science, no different to me saying waving at a friend science, mind you, it would be based on verifiable evidence. What annoys me most about this creation science, to be called here on in, as R.S. or religious studies, is that it is being pushed onto impressionable children who don’t know the difference of things, and are in effect, being brain washed by the education system.

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