Creation Science?

It was drawn to my attention again, that in America there is a backlash against atheism and the theory of evolution.* However, this is not happening in the lecture halls, on tv, on the radio or in the streets, but in the heart of American education, the schools. Some children’s parents and other religious people are forcing schools to teach “creation science.” Firstly, adding science doesn’t make it an actual science, no different to me saying waving at a friend science, mind you, it would be based on verifiable evidence. What annoys me most about this creation science, to be called here on in, as R.S. or religious studies, is that it is being pushed onto impressionable children who don’t know the difference of things, and are in effect, being brain washed by the education system.

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Ignorance is not so Bliss

Many times in my life, as i hope you have too, I have woken up and have been grateful that so many years ago, my mother gave birth to me. The reason for this is that it allows me to enjoy the beauty, wonder and majesty of plants, animals, our town, our country, our world, and our universe. (I use our quite wrongly, we do not and hopefully shall not, claim possession to the cosmos.)

Being alive means we can appreciate tastes, smells, sights, sounds and touches of the environment around us.(Albeit a flawed guess of our environment. See Brain interpretation.) But not only do we appreciate these senses, at least i hope you appreciate them, but we can also appreciate the entire cosmos around us. We have the science, maths and intelligence to decipher the language of space-time, the genome and DNA and also the wonderful but changeable and violent home we call Earth.

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