The Second Coming

Well the world clearly didn’t end in 2012 as predicted my the incredulous masses, as I am still here to write this post. Now I have been away for a while I know, and as such my content uploading has been pretty much zero, of which i apologise. However, I have been away researching, exploring and finding new and wonderful facts to share and disseminate to all of you. And so, after a very long break, and a lot of research and getting back into the swing of scientific endeavours and fact finding, I am going to be posting once again.

However, today is not the day for a full post, as I am working tirelessly on a quick project as I write, but a full post will be up by next week most definitely. However, to entertain my blog until then, and to bring a bit of scientific fun and excitement I am going to share this video with you. It’s a song outlining the Theory of Evolution by natural selection. It’s very catchy and brilliantly educational for all ages I think. Enjoy.




Evolution is a Lie?

It seems that in certain parts of the world, the theory of evolution is taught openly and freely in schools, colleges and universities. It has been noted that in many of these places it goes unchallenged and is allowed to proliferate freely, and to be entertained by many. It seems that this scientific theory is taught as openly and soundly as the theory of thermodynamics.

Is this right?

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A Long Awaited Hello

Dear Regular Readers,

I must apologise for the fact that i have not blogged in a very long time, and that i have been, for nearly two months, without ranting, raving, moaning, scowling, praising, pleasing or being pernickety. TO occasional and new readers, i apologise i haven’t upload anything to entice you in, for more to enjoy and read. However, today i come with good news. I come with a new sister blog, a blog that will not replace, take all my attention or destroy the nature of this blog. This blog is the mother ship, and all side projects must be for the good of this blog. So i promise to get writing immediately, i have a few ideas in the pipeline.

But while you wait, i have been working on a sister site which can only engage you a bit more, with light humour, crappy drawings and a good old fashioned comic feel. I guess you’ve guessed it.

Yes today i am launching OOPComics. The series i am currently working on is Jesus and Joe, a strip about the life of Jesus and joe, two unlikely flat mates, a religious leader, and a staunch atheist. So please follow the link here, or find it later on the main page on the left hand side.

If and when you view the comics, please let me know what you think, everything helps to refine the humour, styling and everything else that makes a good comic. also if you love it, say you love it, all feedback is good and necessary feedback.

SO a happy late new year, and i look forward to hear what you think of the new comics, and cant wait to get writting again.

All the best



Moon, Stars, Moon and stars, Night sky, space, cosmos, universeI find it increasingly confusing, and wonderfully curious why people today still believe in the fantasy of astrology, and believing that we are somehow controlled and destined by the stars so far away. And its not as if it is a small operation of a few people performing and making up stories based on cold reading divination. No, astrology and star signs are in magazines, newspapers, on key-rings, on the internet and on certain television stations. How, in all that is logical, is this industry still going? How are people still buying into the practise of believing that their lives and personalities are dictated by the stars?

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Change of Heart, I’ve Seen the Light!

see the light, light at the end of the tunnel,My past two posts have been sort of “off the wall,” and not seeming to have any real grounding in my normal and usual topics. But how many times can one write about the travesties of religion, the wonders of science and nature, the amazing power of humans and our scientific endeavours and our amazing frontiers? Well actually I could write an enormous amount, but that’s not the point. Why have I been writing these whimsical stories of my life? well for a very important reason. Ideological people assuming I have no ‘faith’ or love for humans, and that I don’t appreciate the world. Clearly these people have never read my posts, and have never actually looked at what an atheist, scientist, humanist and realist actually sees.

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Midnight Strolls

david wilsdon, Midnight, evening, moon, Okay, so it is not strictly midnight when i went on this stroll this evening, but it was pretty late, 22:30 to be precise. So that is pretty late, especially on an english autumn evening, when the nights draw in pretty quickly. I usually go for evening walks, not because I’m some sort of night creature or anything like that, it is mainly because my dog requires to go to the bathroom before bed. However these walks give me time to listen to nothing but absolute silence and the thoughts whirling around in the tornado of my mind.

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Dodging Bullets

singing in the rain, rain, british rain,I sit here at my desk dripping, writing this very sentence. I have donned a new shirt from the wardrobe after stripping myself of clothes, and have just wrapped myself in my dressing gown. Now you maybe wondering what on earth I am talking about, so maybe I should explain. Continue reading