A Long Awaited Hello

Dear Regular Readers,

I must apologise for the fact that i have not blogged in a very long time, and that i have been, for nearly two months, without ranting, raving, moaning, scowling, praising, pleasing or being pernickety. TO occasional and new readers, i apologise i haven’t upload anything to entice you in, for more to enjoy and read. However, today i come with good news. I come with a new sister blog, a blog that will not replace, take all my attention or destroy the nature of this blog. This blog is the mother ship, and all side projects must be for the good of this blog. So i promise to get writing immediately, i have a few ideas in the pipeline.

But while you wait, i have been working on a sister site which can only engage you a bit more, with light humour, crappy drawings and a good old fashioned comic feel. I guess you’ve guessed it.

Yes today i am launching OOPComics. The series i am currently working on is Jesus and Joe, a strip about the life of Jesus and joe, two unlikely flat mates, a religious leader, and a staunch atheist. So please follow the link here, or find it later on the main page on the left hand side.

If and when you view the comics, please let me know what you think, everything helps to refine the humour, styling and everything else that makes a good comic. also if you love it, say you love it, all feedback is good and necessary feedback.

SO a happy late new year, and i look forward to hear what you think of the new comics, and cant wait to get writting again.

All the best