Moon, Stars, Moon and stars, Night sky, space, cosmos, universeI find it increasingly confusing, and wonderfully curious why people today still believe in the fantasy of astrology, and believing that we are somehow controlled and destined by the stars so far away. And its not as if it is a small operation of a few people performing and making up stories based on cold reading divination. No, astrology and star signs are in magazines, newspapers, on key-rings, on the internet and on certain television stations. How, in all that is logical, is this industry still going? How are people still buying into the practise of believing that their lives and personalities are dictated by the stars?

Many people believe that their personality, destiny and future are mapped out in the stars, and that their interactions with people are controlled by the stars. (When i say many, the ones that subscribe to Astrology.) Why do they believe that they are somehow controlled by them? Well lets look at what a star sign/constellation is, and maybe we can answer it that way round.

A constellation is the superimposition of images into the stars and cosmological entities. One obvious example is the constellation of Orion, which can be seen in the photo provided. This constellation is meant to represent a warrior. But if you look at the stars, i personally don’t see a warrior, if anything, i just see stars which are amazing furnaces of nuclear reactions. But i could see more than the warrior Orion, i could see an old fashioned egg timer, which counts time by the passing of sand grains from one chamber to the other. I could push the stars further and see a laptop, an iPhone, a plant and all sorts. The constellations, as we are told about them, are mans design. Man put the lines in place.

So it logically follows as to how does that constellation control you, if actually i could draw that design in many different ways since mankind was the one who saw patterns in them and made up the constellations. How does that work? If I drew the images differently, i may include different stars, or remove others. It is not as if the lines are their in space, it is in the imagination of mankind. And that brings me to the fact that i could make up millions of different constellations, involving different stars, excluding others, merging some and so on. So why is it those stars are chosen, and that it is those stars which control your personality and future. Well they aren’t. Those stars can be arranged into any shape, like any dot to dot on a page with no numbers. And as a result, you could merge two unrelated star systems to make a completely different star sign. And this is the point, the constellations aren’t the only ones thought of. In England and America, their is the constellation of the Plough or the Big Dipper respectively. In Greece they included more stars to the big dipper to make a large bear. This was taken even further in Egypt where they thought the bear constellation, which is made up of the plough, was something completely different, that of a large parade of a bull pulling a reclining man, followed by an upright hippopotamus carrying a crocodile on its back. wonderful ideas, and make wonderful ancient stories as to why that is so, but all just fantasy.

As you can see, the constellations aren’t fixed, and can be changed to any design or personal preference. So it can’t be a specific constellation which governs you, since they are free to be drawn in any way. So in different cultures and countries, the constellations are different. Some constellations use different stars, and exclude or include others depending on the artists drawing. So star signs are really whatever you want them to be. They aren’t fixed, they aren’t all accepted as the “right” constellation and they are purely the artistic pattern finder in the mind of humans. And following from that, why do we put the lines in anyway?

This is a bit of a historical question, a time when Astrology and Astronomy were one. It was a time when we though there were patterns in the sky, and that they had meaning. And it also made it easier to put patterns in, to then reference a collection of stars by a constellation, instead of listing all the stars. So constellations were also for scientific convenience. But with regard to whether the lines have meaning, and whether they connect the stars to one another is a simple no. and i shall explain why.

The stars are light years apart. Here on our humble little rock, whirling around at 90 miles a second around the sun, the stars seem really close to one another. but that’s because over the distance of space the light has travelled, the spread of light has vanished to our eyes, leaving just a small little dot, the star. Over the greater distance of space, those stars look close together than they really are. On earth, mere centimetres apart, but in space, millions of light years. No only that, they aren’t lined up and flat. But are floating in 3D space. So what seems like a flat Orion’s belt, could be a star 30 light years on the x axis, but 100 light years on the z axis. Meaning that the stars are really no where near each other. But if you take that further, if they are that far apart from each other, how far away from us are they? Well again, millions of light years. So far away, how could they have an impact, or reflect anything.

And so they have no impact, or relation to the orbit of planets and their interaction with us. And this is demonstrated even further, by the fact that stars, over time will move in space and completely warp and all the constellations will be misshapen. So how is it going to affect us now? Its just impossible, with regards to distance, warping and changing, and the fact that one constellation can change by just mans opinion. And no truer is that with the fact that no two astrologers ever agree in the paper about how the stars and planets are going to change you. The people who claim to be able to show that there is some significance, cant even agree amongst themselves how it works, or how it is going to affect. That seems pretty pointless to me then. And to follow, the predictions and the characteristics of different star signs are completely vague. It is a form of cold reading, with shotgun techniques and Barnum statements. And these predictions that people will be the same if born on the same day, and have similar fates and characteristics is completely destroyed by the obvious example of twins.

Many times the divination of astrology is wrong. But no more is this shown than that of twins. You can have two twins, born at the same time, with completely different personalities, and will live completely different lives. Asa result, any prediction by astrology breaks down, as it can’t even get two twins right, let alone an entire planet of people. So the connection to the stars in this way is wrong. But what astrology fails to show, is the real connection to the stars.

I have mentioned this before on this blog, but we are connected to the stars, not in the spiritual guess who way, but in the fundamental way of dead stars, who have exploded into the cosmos with a shower of heavy atoms. The supernovae dust of dead stars are the ones who gave us the atoms; the elements heavy enough to create complex molecular machines such as us. So we are from the stars and connected to them, but not the ones you see twinkling in the blanket of space, but the ones that had died some 5 billion years ago. It is their dust that creates us today.

So the question of whether astrology is correct is an obvious no. Their is no evidence to show that the planets or stars affect our existence. They are so far away, that not even their gravity can interact with us, let alone any special powers, from lumps of rock, or balls of gas smashing atoms to make light. They are just stars, just planets or other cosmological bodies, which are no special or different from a rock in your garden, to a stone in your shoe. It is sheer fantasy, and money making, that keeps astrology alive. It is not based on fact, and can be disproved quite easily,with two people born exactly the same date and time, who are wonderfully different and unique, especially from each other.


2 thoughts on “Astrology

  1. Hmmm sitting on the train now on my way home,so i wont even bother to get into this with you now. But i am silently shaking my head at you as i look out the window and watch Amsterdam fly by

    • Thank you for your reply. I don’t understand why you feel the need to shake your head, unless you are caught up in astrology. I would like to be enlightened further, as to why you shake your head. Maybe you have some new insight into astrology which proves that it is right? If you don’t, then i cant see how you can shake your head. Kindly waiting for your reply. OOO

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