Midnight Strolls

david wilsdon, Midnight, evening, moon, Okay, so it is not strictly midnight when i went on this stroll this evening, but it was pretty late, 22:30 to be precise. So that is pretty late, especially on an english autumn evening, when the nights draw in pretty quickly. I usually go for evening walks, not because I’m some sort of night creature or anything like that, it is mainly because my dog requires to go to the bathroom before bed. However these walks give me time to listen to nothing but absolute silence and the thoughts whirling around in the tornado of my mind.

I am currently writing several posts at once at the moment, not simultaneously, but I go from post to post making changes and adding ideas. However at the moment  I have had some terrible writers block regarding those posts, so evening walks are a good way to get my head around ideas, and allow me to formulate the sentences I want to convey to the reader. And this evenings walk has helped me with my posts ideas, and helped me to get my head around some ways of conveying a potentially complex, or difficult topic to discuss.

The brilliant thing with walking at this time, is that no one else is about, so you can just walk around, eyes to the sky, and just let your mind run wild with ideas, without the distraction of mobile phones, chatter or the whir of cars. So this evening my mind was free to the universe, to allow me to really think about my future posts. However, while walking my dog, I happened upon a midnight friend. I suppose it is why I love this time of year.

While I left my dog to sniff and ponder the past visitors of some old sycamore tree, a pair of hedgehogs were scuffling through the damp leaves that had fallen on the grassy sides of the path. Almost  silently I crept closer to them, making sure they didn’t see me so that they didn’t turn themselves into little prickly spheres. They scuffled through more leaves, nudging their noses through the undergrowth. And what was most wonderful, and maybe a little weird on my account, was the little snorts and the light breathing the hedgehogs did. I don’t know why this warmed my insides on a cold autumns eve, but it did.

The pair slowly shuffled through the grass, rooting around, picking up scraps of fruit and berries and the occasional slug or snail. All the time making little snorting noises, which was surprisingly heart warming. I am still not fully sure why animals like that breathing makes me smile, I used to get like that when I heard my old hamsters breathing. Perhaps its the relaxing nature of the breathing, or the fact that they, like me, have to breathe, and knowing how the mechanics of how they came to be excites me. Perhaps its a paternal thing gone wrong, for people like the little gurgles, snorts and heavy breathing of a new born baby.

So there is was, a late evening in the dark watching a pair of hedgehogs snorting through the undergrowth. By this point, a little misting of rain had began to fall. The gentle mist was rather refreshing, and brought a shiny highlight to the spines of the hedgehogs back. And peering through the drifting deep-blue clouds, across a backdrop of black, the silvery moon crept out. And shining as spot lights to this tiny stage was the twinkling of the stars, with Vega flickering behind wispy passing clouds. But it was a nice walk, even if it was for fifteen minutes. But the point of his post, if there is a point, is that people take their wildlife for granted, and don’t really appreciate the delicate balance all life is in. They don’t appreciate everything that is around them. Their is the universe above and below our planet, their is the clockwork intricacy of our solar system, and then their is the harmonious balance that is life on this planet. ANd it is demonstrated in absolutely glory everywhere you go.

I honestly don’t think people think to much about where they live, or what is around them. I don’t think people see the wonder and beauty that is around them, locally, globally and universally. We live in such an amazing universe. And I want people to realise that regardless of where you live, or who you are, this world is amazing, and that everything around you is.

You may be wondering why these past two posts have been a little off the normal track i write about, but it will become apparent soon enough. I first though, through these past two posts, want to show and express how amazing, awe-inspiring and fantastic our world really is, and that we should feel privileged to have evolved a consciousness that can appreciate all that is around us. In addition, all this wonder really helps with post writing, it has a profound affect on my mind anyway.


4 thoughts on “Midnight Strolls

  1. Yes, you seem a bit rambly and unfocused. But I enjoyed hearing about your hedgehogs, and I like the word pictures you paint.
    “I honestly don’t think people think to much about where they live, or what is around them.”
    This could just be the impression you get from the way people bustle about, seemingly unaware of the marvels around them. I get the impression that most people do notice, and do appreciate. And when the special moment happens, they are there to marvel.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your further posts. 🙂

    • Hello again. Thank you for noticing the rambling nature of my past posts. I promise they are going to get better in the coming weeks, these are merely fillers, but also quite important for the coming post. I do agree that people do appreciate and marvel at nature, not necessarily for the right reasons at times, but they do. But i dont think they appreciate it enough, or take notice enough. As you astutely noticed, people bustle about, iPod in, racing to work, the bus stop, the shopping centre, grocery shopping, cook diner, watch T.V. then bed, to do it all again. I don’t think people slow down enough, and relax enough to watch nature or appreciate the wonder that it has moulded. I am sounding slightly hippyish, but what im trying to show is that appreciating nature can make you feel very humble, and make you feel quite relaxed, and would be potentially beneficial to their wellbeing, if they just stopped for a few seconds to admire, wonder and be amazed, at least once a day. Or once a week, but really go for it, and go exploring in nature, by walking through vast vistas of swaying forests, dewy hills and sighing rivers. Theres not a day goes by that i don’t at least stop and think about how beautiful something in nature is, from a gracious pine tree, to the motion of the stars. I find i live a happy life than my friends who rarely think, for they get so stressed and uptight about their little world, that they forget the bigger and splendid picture of nature.

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