A Little Bit of Humanity

I have, in the course of my life so far, had three main passions. These inescapable passions are love, humanity and education. These three things have been the corner stones that make up the house that is me. To me these three things symbolise my goals, efforts, questionings, intrigue and personal disposition. It is as a result of these three things, influenced by peers, family and of course genetic principles, that have led me on the path I lead today.

The combination of these passions in me fuels me on a constant movement of thinking and questioning, and finding real answers to problems, and trying to find a harmony within our species. As a species we can achieve great things. And in all honesty, we have achieved some amazing feats. But what still bothers me is the destruction of humanity, and the way we treat other humans. It is as if the word humanity never existed some times. I will cover more on this with regards to religion in another post, but the main tangent of this post will be on the general brutal behaviour of humans towards others.

As a species which has vast intelligence, an ability to craft, develop skills, and enhance our abilities, we sadly see people using them for suffering. Now I am greatly enlightened by knowing all the wonder man has done, and knowing that many people are working to end the suffering of others, by finding cures to illness, creating homes and finding food and water for those in countries who are unable to get any. But it would seem that perhaps even those people can become heartless monsters. A great saying once said, or maybe I have fantasised this in my head, is that man is in essence good to fellow-man, and that man will care for his fellow for the survival of his species. But in situations of power, religion and ideology, man will cripple those who stand in his way.

This has recently been highlighted in the london riots, where people were openly attacking other people’s business’. Rioters were destroying homes, property and endangering the life of many inhabitants. This is a clear and obvious action of some people’s lack of humanity. To perform such actions, with the mentality they had, shows that humans can at many times, be hateful towards one an other. I covered the London riots in more detail in a previous post. But what I want to highlight here is the actions of people when they feel they have an opportunity of power, who then mistreat it, and turn into vandals in a chaotic and brutal attack. The most inhumane thing I saw in the riots, not just in London, was an injured teenager on the floor, who was helped up by rioters, who then began to loot items from the injured boys rucksack. What kind of mentality is this? Why are people so cruel to their fellow man, especially in a situation as that? Where is the humanity in the rioters?

But this is lack of humanity is also shown more globally with the female gender and sexism. Throughout the world, and shown no more than in islamic countries, is the derogatory second rate citizenship of women and girls. I will elaborate more on this with regards to religion in a later post, but in many cultures, if such a word can be used, women are treated no more than subordinate, lower class and inferior. But this doesn’t just apply to middle eastern countries where women can be traded and purchased as property and told to obey and dress as commanded by their husbands and other men, it is in a lesser extent, used in the developed and considered more civilised areas of the world. This includes sadly places like the UK, USA, Australia and many other european and ‘western’ countries.

In the UK women in many industries are not paid the same wage as men in the same position. Women are not treated as equally as we westerners may think, with women still being seen as the home drone and house wife. And it also filters into everyday humdrum life. This can be shown with men telling women what to wear, judging them purely on the way they look in clothes, telling them to wear what he wants them to wear. This isn’t a concerned male partner, but a jealous man wanting to keep his partner in his eyes only. (reminiscent of any particular religion you can think of?) And this stems off the fact that men see women not as fellow humans, it stems from the idea that men treat women like objects, as if they are there for our personal attention and entertainment, to serve us in life as a servant, cleaner, child carer and for sexual entertainment. The lack of humanity doesn’t just abuse children, but also sexes, with women across the world being treated like second rate citizens. What humanity is it when a man commands a women to do as he wants. I see it everywhere, men commanding women, keeping her under his thumb and abusing his role as husband and male. Just because he may be bigger, should be no more of a threat or of a power. Man should be no more expectant of his wife or partner, and should not feel he has the right to command her, as he is a man and can hurt her if he sees fit. All man is equal, and all people are equal, regardless of their gender.

We can now look from gender discrimination to the discrimination of race and society and culture. I first want to point out that there is a difference between scepticism and questioning, and that of bigotry. The difference between these two opposing ideas is that one is founded on fact and reasoning, the other is founded on hatred, discrimination, prejudice and intolerance. The hatred stems from bigotry, just incase it wasn’t clear. So why would I mention the difference between skepticism and bigotry? the answer comes from many religious and ‘cultists’ stating that skeptics and the scientific are bigots, and don’t open their mind. That is nonsense in all honesty. Skeptics are the least bigoted, as they are the ones who find answers not out of opinion or natural prejudice, but out of empirical facts. Bigots base their beliefs on the opinions of those around them and their own opinions, and this distinction is important for this next sub topic.

In many cultures, there is bigotry and prejudice based on race, religion and other systems like class. these bigots are not basing their judgement on fact, like science and rationalism, but on the selfish opinions relating to control, greed and power. This is mostly seen in African countries where vile overlords with their class prejudice and dictatorship cripple and, in some horrific instances, massacre their countries citizens. This is also seen with the north korean government, where the tyrannical leader is so physiologically warped, he raises an army of delusional soldiers, who strike fear into the citizens who’s basic human rights, like freedom of speech and expression are almost silenced. In parts of america bigotry is rife with white americans hating black americans. Technically both are immigrants where the native american is concerned. There is a hatred towards homosexuals, who have just as much a right as any other human. And this bigotry is again founded in religion, race and culture. I am heavily restraining myself with regards to religion, and it shall be expounded on more in another post.

But now I shall leave it there, with these few ideas of humanist questionings in your head. Is it right for any person, man, woman or child to discriminate or enslave others regarding race, religion, culture, society, language, gender or class? Is there any reason why the human values we hold so dear in the west, like freedom of speech, freedom to protest, freedom from slavery, freedom from torture and Freedom from discrimination should not be granted to everyone? Why should it be that small discriminate actions get brushed away? why can so many people be so against their fellow humans? This is a beautiful world, with a beautiful ecosystem, with an amazing species of creature living on it. That species in human. They have no more right to this planet than any other animal. They have no more right over it than any other person. We should all be trying to live together fr the greater good of each other and human advancement. We should not be oppressed, and live in fear of each other, each race, each culture, and most certainly not from our government. We should live in a world of absolute freedom and equality. We are a species of wonders, and we should be working together to advance our scientific knowledge, to increase our global love, and reduce fear and oppression. Only together as a species can we solve some of our greatest concerns and fears. Only as a complete cooperative team of humans can we create our glorious future.

P.S. I wish to add that not all men are bigoted, and do treat women with the respect they deserve. I also want to point that not all people in the examples I have given fall in to the bell curve( hence bell curve statistics).


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