Sticks and Stones…

As a child I used to love idioms and fixed expressions. I still enjoy them today, but I tend to lean towards the more adult and meaningful expressions of language. But even now I can still remember the games I used to play as a child, and to accompany them, the wonderful and weird phrases we would say as children. One phrase that I used to use, my childhood friends used to use, and many children (and some adults) today use is that old “adage” for want of a better word, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

The reason I say I want a better a word than adage, and I’m sure there is one but I’m just to lazy to sift through my dictionary and thesaurus, is because adage indicts some truth about the saying. And in all seriousness I don’t think that saying has any real true meaning, except that sticks or stones if used particularly viciously will break bones, or at least bruise or tear skin. But the words bit is completely wrong.

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You know it’s Wrong – A Guide to Religion

I am a humanitarian and an atheist. The two sit nicely in each others hands. You can’t really have one without the other, and I hope many fellow humanitarians and atheists feel the same, which they most surely do.

And combined with my love of humans, I love being alive, and being able to enjoy this universe to the best of my human brains capacity. I love knowing the symphony that plays in orbits, and stellar nurseries and the gentle movement of waves caused by the shifting moon. And what pleases me the most, is knowing that I can experience it to the full, with no strings or ties holding me back. Of course, this is not to say that I don’t sit within the moral guidelines of humanity and civilisation. But I am free to think, feel and know to the full potential all that there is. And yet, I am also saddened by this planet, and our race in particular. Actually, solely our race. I am at a juxtaposition, I am torn by my love of humanity and all that it can achieve, and ripped by the anger, hatred and ruthless naïvety of our species.

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A Little Bit of Humanity

I have, in the course of my life so far, had three main passions. These inescapable passions are love, humanity and education. These three things have been the corner stones that make up the house that is me. To me these three things symbolise my goals, efforts, questionings, intrigue and personal disposition. It is as a result of these three things, influenced by peers, family and of course genetic principles, that have led me on the path I lead today.

The combination of these passions in me fuels me on a constant movement of thinking and questioning, and finding real answers to problems, and trying to find a harmony within our species. As a species we can achieve great things. And in all honesty, we have achieved some amazing feats. But what still bothers me is the destruction of humanity, and the way we treat other humans. It is as if the word humanity never existed some times. I will cover more on this with regards to religion in another post, but the main tangent of this post will be on the general brutal behaviour of humans towards others.

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Fatal Frugal Finances

Please excuse the alliteration of this posts title, but it was just crying to be alliterated. But the title is accurate to the nature of this post. This week the USA has announced figures in the trillions, and many european countries are also facing financial meltdown, into the billions. But it seems to me that many of these countries are going about the economy all wrong.

Now I’m not going to be one of these people, like most dads and grand-dads who say, ‘I could run this place better,’ and then never really submit a true plan. What I will say is that I am going to outline how the governments, especially Britain, could save their economy, by radical methods.

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Buggered Britain, London Looters and Awful Anarchy

Well, well, well, well, well, where do I start. For the past three days London has been the place of anarchy, looting, violence and complete and utter ‘un-britishness.’ I am all for standing up against authority and questioning the actions of those in charge. Government, the police and other governing bodies should be held accountable to their actions, and should come under the eye of scrutiny. However, the eye of scrutiny is a peaceable eye, and does not enrage itself with violence, arson and burglary, but it questions, asks and sets up committees to investigate, question and inspect. The actions of those in London is deplorable, and should not be seen as a way to behave in situations regarding matters as these.

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