Creation Science?

It was drawn to my attention again, that in America there is a backlash against atheism and the theory of evolution.* However, this is not happening in the lecture halls, on tv, on the radio or in the streets, but in the heart of American education, the schools. Some children’s parents and other religious people are forcing schools to teach “creation science.” Firstly, adding science doesn’t make it an actual science, no different to me saying waving at a friend science, mind you, it would be based on verifiable evidence. What annoys me most about this creation science, to be called here on in, as R.S. or religious studies, is that it is being pushed onto impressionable children who don’t know the difference of things, and are in effect, being brain washed by the education system.

These children who are taught R.S. Are told that this is the real truth, and that god made the world, and man. These children aren’t given the facts that they need to know about the history of the universe. They aren’t shown evolution, the big bang, or other magnificent scientific discoveries.
As a result you create disillusioned children, who don’t know the real evidence. And this is the problem, impressionable children are being led astray by religious Bullies. Children should be allowed to make free and informed decisions about everything, it I s there life, to believe as they wish, not to be forced to believe by religious parents and the like. Children should be taught the knowledge of science and the wonders it has to offer. If they want to learn about religion, then so be it, let them choose, in an unbiased way. Pushing religion is never good, it creates fear, disillusions, misinformation and causes a child to be warped in some instances.

Religion today is used as a way of generating money out of the fear that they create. While telling stories of Hell and death and torture, the collection plate is passed around, and that by donating to the church, your soul will be saved. I didn’t know god had a bank account, I wouldn’t of thought he would of needed one. And theres a problem with that, if god is all loving, then why not forgive everyone, without the need for charity and worship? And it is this, that R.S is forcing on these children, that give to the church, and worship, with your wallet.

I find it sad, that some children will grow up, unaware of the real world due to religious bullying, shirking the facts that are around them. However, for those children who are taught religion, and that evolution is gods handy work, surely that is flawed too. If god is omniscient and omnipotent and the like, then when he made the universe, 14 billion years ago, he would of left it alone, as it was made perfect to begin with, without his need for tinkering of creating man etc.(twisting the bible so that at it at least fits with the age of the universe.) I thought not. It seems nonsense for religion to assume that god created things in a perfect manner, and we know the universe isn’t perfect, it’s far from it. Life is not perfect, life is massively flawed, from the human body to the structure of the eye. So therefore gods characteristics, his perfectness, his all powerful nature, and all knowing nature is wrong. He can’t be all powerful, as he would of made it perfect to begin with. He can’t be all knowing, as he would know how to make it perfect. And that’s the problem, religion is magnificently flawed in so many aspects, from the very ancient Aztecs and Egyptians, to today’s islam and the similar. We don’t teach the science of the Apollo gods or Olympians, because they are seen as heretical, but they scientifically heretical. So why should an equally unscientific, flawed and unproven and disproven belief be taught as if it were true, to influential children?

In all honesty, it is fear by the religion. Their numbers are dwindling, the religious feel threatened, as their ideas and way of life are under great threat. There is massive evidence against, which would shake up their faith if they cared to listen. The reason they don’t care to listen, is that their faith is dear to them, as it was their parents, they feel they belong to a group, and it comforts them about life and death. But they are pushing on their children, just to secure their own convictions, fantasies and fears.

*Meaning of theory from notable sources: a theory is an explanation or model based on observation, experimentation, and reasoning, especially one that has been tested and confirmed as a general principle helping to explain and predict natural phenomena. Any scientific theory must be based on a careful and rational examination of the facts.


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